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“Dear Santa delivers a desperately needed dose of holiday cheer during these troubled times that will leave even the most Grinch-like of viewers bathed in their own tears.”

“5B brings worlds of Cannes together, wins Entertainment Lions Grand Prix.”

“In Oso, we see the brand’s wins, the controversies, and the visionary nature of the accomplishments that have proven its success.”

Dear Santa: The Series
Dear Santa: The story of the USPS’ 100-Year-Old ‘Operation Santa’ Program
5B: The Story of the Nation’s First HIV/AIDS Ward
Oso: The True Story of Tous

About the Traverse

Traverse32 is inspired by the historic Gimbels traverse, which hangs above 32nd street in midtown Manhattan. The 3 story tall copperbridge was constructed in 1925 by Empire State Building designers Richard Shreve and William Lamb.