“In Oso, we see the brand’s wins, the controversies, and the visionary nature of the accomplishments that have proven its success.”


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About the film
Oso tells the true story of TOUS, from its inception in 1920 with Salvador Tous Blavi, an apprentice watchmaker, to the brand’s subsequent international success, with over 700 stores opened in more than 50 countries. With honest statements from representatives from the worlds of design, fashion, media and the arts, OSO also confronts major controversies at TOUS, which were often in the spotlight. Oso is a true and transparent story of passions, hard work, collaboration, and some mistakes. It is also the story of a great multinational company headed by women.

Release Year
September 20, 2020

Director: Amanda Sana Pantling
Executive Producers: Alfonso Garcia-Valenzuela, Maya Maidagan

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